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"Expensive pleasure" race week

"Expensive pleasure" race week!
Since May 4, 2013 to Marmaris (Turkey) starts a unique event – the Kuzbass amateur regatta, for all in love with the sea!
 The amateur sailing regatta "Expensive pleasure of Race Week" invites all wishing, irrespective of a sex, age and sailing skills to go towards to bright impressions and extraordinary emotions, to touch freedom and to feel all drive of sailing! Everything who wants for the first time to try to participate in sailing competitions to learn most to operate the sailing yacht, and it is simply keen on the sea and sails!
The sailing regatta is an excellent rest, for those who isn't afraid of adventures and experiments!  Yachting, it first of all intellectual sports, something average between usual sports and chess when it is necessary to think.  It when develops not only a body, but also the head.  Races under a sail is the serious work which is giving rise to character of winners.  For this reason sailing always was considered as sports of kings.  On the other hand yachting gives feeling of freedom and independence which is enough to be felt once to fall in love with these sports for the rest of life! 
Here office arrogance of the megalopolis gets off in a flash after the first turn of the yacht. There is a unification to the nature, you feel the beat of the sea and wind music, these are fantastic feelings! After all yachting gives that feeling of freedom of a body and spirit which so doesn't suffice at city offices.
For participation it is absolutely not obligatory to be the professional of sailing. Rather simply desires! Experience isn't required to you. By each boat, except team, there is a professional captain who for a week of races, not only is responsible for the yacht and team, but also will train in a management skill the yacht. You will be able to master elements of management of the sailing yacht, to learn to analyze information and quickly to answer changing factors. The skilled skipper will turn you into old salts! You feel unique spirit of sea team and responsibility of everyone for the business onboard.
"Expensive pleasure of Race Week" is not only sports, passion of race, the will to win and command spirit, it and smart rest on the new SALONA yachts of 41 high levels, the most beautiful places, wind whistle, shouts of seagulls over the head, an evening rustle of a surf, the sun leaving for the sea line, with anything incomparable spirit of romanticism and adventures.
Action will take place under the auspices of Mediakit publishing house, and as under patronage of the All-Russian federation of sailing and with support of travel agency MaxiTravel, and certainly, with direct participation of the charter company Octopus-sailing rendering all range of yacht services. Participants of a regatta are waited for by 10 monotype yachts first-class performance-kruizerov of Salona 41, (2012)! Our best captains, and also independent judicial team will take part in a regatta.
The Octopus-sailing company will provide you any services and opportunities for conquest of the sea and for carrying out rest after which will be what to tell! On a site octopus-sailing.com you will find information on sailing actions and photo reports of our regattas.
Welcome to a board!
"Expensive pleasure - Race Week" will pass from May 4 to May 11, 2013.