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Rental and sale of yachts and catamarans.
Cruises on the yacht. Regatta. Yachting shcool.

We invite you to accept a fate in two-week cruise under a sail! The route these two weeks will pass through four countries: Croatia, Greek islands, Italy, Turkey.

Friends we suggest you to take part in a regatta the cost of 1000 euros/person (duty on passing of the Karinfsky channel of 200 euros and expenses on diesel fuel of 300-400 euros which share on all members of team is in addition paid). Travel from Split to Marmaris on the Greek islands of 800 miles!

The route passes 2 weeks through four countries: Croatia, Greek islands, Italy, Turkey.

Throughout a route we are photographed, have fun, communicate, we bathe, we sunbathe, we try a local cuisine the freshest fish, we are dipped into the local atmosphere!

You will master elements of management of the sailing yacht. The skilled skipper will turn you into old salts, will teach to set and furl sails, to go under a spinaker, to do turns оверштаг and фордевинд, to anchor the yacht, to be moored, stand behind a steering wheel, to operate the sailing yacht!